Take the time to fully read my entire website before requesting a booking. Your email is your first impression and the first opportunity to show me what a gentleman you are. Emails with complete screening information along with your preferred date and time of meeting will help us get off to be best start. Emails with discussion of money in exchange of services will not be answered. Monetary considerations are for my time only. 


The day of your appointment I will email to confirm, so you don't have to worry about a thing! 


Please have your monetary consideration ready at the beginning of our time together. Simply prepare it in an unsealed envelope with my name on it and place it in clear view. If we are meeting in public first, a book as a gift with your envelope inside is a great idea to keep things discreet. Please, no need to discuss this exchange ever.  By taking care of this at the start we can move on to the good stuff! 

In addition, although I do not consider myself a clock watcher, our time together does have an ending, please be mindful and respectful of this. 


Cleanliness is of utmost importance to both of us I am sure. I spend a great deal of time and effort making sure I am presentable for our date so please return the favour and be minty fresh and clean when we meet. If for some reason you are not able to before our date begins I am a lover of water so I would love to soak in a jacuzzi or steam up the shower with you before anything else. We can get clean just to get dirty!


I am more than happy to be a reference for you when seeing another provider. Do make sure we have seen each other within the last year so I have a clear memory of you. Please send a message before you list me as a reference so I know who I should be expecting an request from. 


Although I appreciate you being excited about our time together, I have chosen a no review policy. The intricacies of our private time together are best shared by the two of us in our fond memories, not on a review board or in a forum. With me comfortable knowing you respect this it allows us to have a more genuine connection. 


Dates that are 2+ hours require social time along with our private time. We will be requiring some nourishment and hydration for our activities but as well this gives us a chance to experience some memorable outings together. Museums, sporting events, the spa, shopping, dinner before the dessert. The possibilities are endless. 

Overnights require at least 6+ hours of sleep to keep this kitten purring. 

I have a lovely downtown Vancouver condo to host you at or we may rendezvous at your 5 star hotel. If we have met before, your upscale residence can also be arranged depending on travel distance. 


We all have had the unfortunate moments where plans change and we have to cancel. I do ask for 24hrs notice if this happens and may ask for a 50% deposit for future bookings depending on circumstances. No shows may require the same or may result in a declining of future booking requests.